Legacies and Genealogies in Feminist Anthropology

Catherine Lutz: Feminist Scholar, Feminist Mentor

by Carla Freeman and Carla Jones Becoming a feminist scholar is never a matter of individual will alone. It is only possible because of the feminist minds and mentors who precede us, who [...]

Actions Speak as Loud as Words: How my Career was Saved by a Feminist Anthropologist Pioneer

by Alaka Wali I first met Augusta Lynn Bolles in 1980 when I was working on my doctoral dissertation research with a fellowship from the Inter-American Foundation. Lynn was also a [...]

Studying the Past to Understand the Present: Elizabeth Brumfiel Making Archaeology Interesting with Gender, Class, and Faction

by Kristin De Lucia Elizabeth Brumfiel was among the first group of scholars in archaeology to explore gender roles and ideologies in the past. Her article “Weaving and Cooking in Aztec [...]

Reclaiming Experience, Stories, and Intimacy as Feminist Modes of Knowledge: Learning from Rayna Rapp

by Mary Anglin There’s a story Rayna Rapp recounts from her graduate school days at the University of Michigan of encountering Gayle Rubin as an anthropology major enrolled in her recitation [...]

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