Legacies and Genealogies in Feminist Anthropology

Eleanor Burke Leacock and Historical Transformations of Gender: Beyond Timeless Patriarchy

Christine Ward Gailey

Eleanor Burke Leacock (1922-1987) was a foundational theorist in Marxist feminist anthropology. Her concern throughout her prolific scholarly life was with the dynamics of social hierarchies in historical context, and [...]

The Legacy of Radical Praxis in New Mexico: Getting Trained by Louise Lamphere

Christina M. Getrich and Andrea M. Lopez

Our mentor, Louise Lamphere, has unquestionably made her mark on the discipline of anthropology through her pathbreaking scholarship in feminist anthropology in the 1970s and a steady stream of subsequent [...]

Coming of Age in the Second Wave: Kay Warren, Louise Lamphere, Patricia Guthrie and the Voices in Our Heads

Mary H. Moran

A few years ago Carole McGranahan, a former student, spoke by Skype to my Social Theory class at Colgate University. In response to a question from a student about feminist [...]

On Feminist Ground: Modeling Dissent, Critical Ethnography, and Radical Care(Work)

Ana Aparicio

In mid-2019 I was in a series of meetings at the School for Advanced Research with Pat Zavella to discuss a collaborative project focused on contemporary Latinx dissent. Along with [...]

Black Feminist Intellectual Affinity and the Ethics of Care: A Tribute to Faye Harrison’s Mentoring and Influence

Camee Maddox-Wingfield

“I like to think that my critical project is a lifelong labor of love that will continue to be informed by a holistic philosophy that values the ability to create [...]

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