Taking Note: Complexities and Ambiguities in Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes

Body on Canvas, Body as Canvas: About Media Mirrors, Plastic Mirages, and Intimate Reflections

Chiara Pussetti

“Don’t you ever, ever feel, like you’re less than fuckin’ perfect.” (Fuckin’ Perfect, Pink) The fieldnotes I have chosen to reflect on come from fieldwork I carried out in Lisbon, [...]

To Be Black, Female, and Conscious: Reflections on Fieldwork in Pre-Impeachment Brazil

Meryleen Mena

“[O]ur stories are silenced too often. The struggles and trials that women anthropologists must endure and overcome to get access to some of the same field sites and data as [...]

Between Notes and Diaries: Ethnographic Notes, Coevalness, and Positionality

Kamal Kariem

When I flew from the US to Russia, from Chicago to Vladivostok, the COVID-19 pandemic was not yet a pandemic. From the news, Russia seemed to be doing better [...]

From Anxiety to Method: Recollections of fieldwork and note-taking in a Kuranko Village (Sierra Leone)

Michael Jackson

One’s fieldnotes mirror one’s fieldwork, not simply because they record ethnographic observations but because they shed light on the life of the observer in the field (Devereux 1967). When I [...]

Mobilizing words and cultivating change: Taking notes during the pandemic strikes in Colombia

Miryam Nacimento

After months of a seemingly endless pandemic, delayed plans, and many hesitations, I was finally able to begin my dissertation fieldwork in May 2021. I had spent countless hours longing [...]