Pandemic Diaries: Teaching Right Now

Irvine | What Do I Sanitize (or Do With My Life) First? Refusing Continuity as a Grad Student Mother in the Era of the Coronavirus

Elizabeth Hanna Rubio

Opening Note: This is one of the most defeating pieces I’ve ever sat down to write. I do not intend it as further demoralization in a sea of ubiquitous bad [...]

Scotland | Pedagogy in a Pandemic: Emplaced Learning During Times of Displacement

Sonja Dobroski and Laura Roe

Emplacement & Disarray (Laura Roe) A feeling of dull surprise – this is what I say I felt, when I was told to vacate my home during the pandemic. Although it [...]

Cambridge (MA) | Disruptions: Racism, Virtual Realities, and World Building

Manduhai Buyandelger

Sinophobia, the coronavirus’s ominous companion, has been the newest—although expected—topic of discussion in my class “Images of Asian Women: Dragon Ladies and Lotus Blossoms.” From the beginning of the spring [...]