Pandemic Diaries: From the Field

Honduras, New York | Sirens and Birds and Death: On -Not- Writing A Dissertation During a Pandemic

Amelia Frank-Vitale

“It turns out, writing a dissertation is a lot like being in quarantine!” I joke, frequently, when people ask how I’m doing. But it’s not true. Not exactly. Although I’ve [...]

Brazil | “We are in a battlefield”- and I Went Online to Make an Ethnography of Capitalism in Crisis

Ana Flávia Bádue

I moved to Piracicaba, a town in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in November 2019 to study how a network of entrepreneurs, financial investor, corporate executives, and agricultural producers [...]

Cambodia | Everything Isn’t Fine: Chronic Illness and Maintaining the Status Quo in the Time of Covid-19

 Jennifer A. Zelnick

I have spent the past year actively trying to convince myself that I am not sick. This is my attempt to try to reconcile feeling fine or mostly fine, with [...]