Pandemic Diaries: Intersecting Crises

No Crisis Is An Island: On Migration, Pandemic, and Everyday Struggles in Sicily

Megan A. Carney

In the European context, “crisis” discourse – i.e., references to “migrant crisis” (De Genova 2018; Dines, Montagna, and Vacchelli 2018), “economic crisis” (Navarro 2013; Karanikolos et al. 2013) and most [...]

A New Crisis and an Old Conversation: Reflections on Quotidian Care in the Sundarbans

Megnaa Mehtta

Anjali1 was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. In February of 2020 her husband Taruq, decided to take Anjali for treatment to Pondicherry’s JIPMER2 government hospital. JIPMER was well-known amongst Taruq and Anjali’s [...]

Why the Stock Market is Rising Amidst a Pandemic and Record, Racialized Inequality

Karen Ho

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, his life brutally taken in what has become an all-too-routinized, state-sanctioned police ritual whereupon misplaced, racist, and stereotypical anxieties are [...]

Adapting Solidarity, Navigating Uncertainty: Conflict and Covid-19 in Urban Afghanistan

Annika Schmeding and Omar Sharifi

Everything looks as it always does: the streets, the shops, the parks. But you know from the persistent news reports that you are vulnerable. You know it from the neighbor [...]

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