Pandemic Diaries: Covid-19 and Student-Focused Concerns: Threats and Possibilities

Analysis on the Influence of Epidemic on Education in China

Chunchen Xiao and Yi Li

Covid-19 broke out in China at the beginning of 2020. Initially, the novel coronavirus spread at an incredibly high speed, and strict measures for epidemic control followed in the Chinese [...]

Covid-19 Diaries: Early Impressions from an Online Questionnaire

Benjamin Daniels, Jishnu Das, Ali Hamza, and Beatrice Leydier

Movement restrictions and campus closures as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic have dispersed students and faculty to multiple locations, breaking our usual channels of communication. While individual universities and [...]

When the Clock Starts Moving Again

Anna Brooke, Pelagie Couroyer, Elizabeth Fraser, and Juan Mejía

Jonathan Spencer: Introduction The following texts were written by students with whom I have worked this year in a course on the anthropology of the political. The pieces were written [...]

Covid-19 and Student-Focused Concerns: Threats and Possibilities Introduction

Veena Das and Naveeda Khan

The September 11 attacks in 2001 marked an important turning point in the life of universities in the United States and affected the whole project of knowledge production in several [...]

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