November 16 -20, 2016
Minneapolis, MN

AES at AAA 2016

Invited Sessions

AES is sponsoring eight Invited Sessions at the AAA meeting in partnership with other AAA sections, and one workshop. The Invited Sessions show a range of ways anthropological theory can advance our understanding of contemporary issues. We draw your attention to the panel on the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Anthropologists Reflect on What Just Happened (cosponsored by AES and SANA)

Participants in this roundtable draw on anthropological insights to explore the dynamics, coverage, and implications of the 2016 elections. Presenters will provide opening statements, reflecting on issues such as the role of new and corporate media, race, gender, surging wealth inequality domestically and globally, deindustrialization, failed military interventions, protests, grassroots movements, pundits, and satirical activism. Audience members will have a chance to pose questions and join the conversation. Participants: Micaela di Leonardo (Northwestern U), Hugh Gusterson (George Washington U), Leith P Mullings (CUNY, Graduate Center), Janine R Wedel (George Mason U), Ken Guest (Baruch College, CUNY), and Cecilia C Van Hollen (Syracuse U). Chairs: Jonathan D Rosa (Stanford U), Akhil Gupta (U of California, Los Angeles). Organizers: Angelique Haugerud (Rutgers U), Shanti A Parikh (Washington U in St. Louis)

Additional Invited Sessions
  • Fake: The First Annual Debate of Anthropological Keywords (ADAK)
  • “It Runs in The Family”: The Phenomenology of Kinship and Contagious Connections, Part 1
  • Embodied Difference and Aesthetic Experience: Race, Culture, and the Expressive Grammar of Everyday Life
  • Human Rights Vernacularizations: Celebrating the Work of Sally Merry
  • Gendering Time, Part II: Feminist Considerations Of Gender And Generational Time
  • Evidence of Malfeasance
  • Contested Knowledge and The Politics Of Recognition In Latina/O America


Teaching Anthro

Friday, Nov. 18
This interactive workshop led by Ken Guest (Baruch College, CUNY) will focus on designing an intro class that might become the most important class an undergraduate takes. Discussion will focus on grabbing student attention on day one, engaging in-class activities, fieldwork exercises, incorporating current events, building writing assignments that don’t make your life as a teacher crazy, and creating a meaningful syllabus.

AES Business Meeting

Saturday, November 19
We are delighted to host the following two special events at this year’s business meeting:

  • #NODAPL Presentation
    Please come for a presentation and discussion regarding ongoing events around the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Indigenous blockade at Standing Rock, ND. Speakers includeclimate activists from the Minneapolis chapter of 350.org, who have organized caravans and other forms of solidarity to the Sacred Stone Camp, as well as Tristan Jones (Rutgers U grad student, and AES’s Graduate Student Rep), who links together his work on tar sands development in Alberta with the aesthetics and politics of blockades throughout N. America.
  • Senior Book Prize Presentation
    Please join us for a conversation between Marc Edelman (CUNY), Shalini Shankar (Northwestern U), and Tania Murray Li (U Toronto) about Tania’s prize-winning book, Land’s End.