Truth and Responsibility

November 17-21, 2021

AAA 2021 Truth and Responsibility


The 2021 AAA annual Meeting was held in-person in Baltimore, Nov. 17-21 and online with many Virtual and Hybrid Sessions, Events and Activities. AES sponsored and co-sponsored several sessions, a Distinguished Lecture, a Community Engagement Event, a Speed Mentoring Event and will offer workshops in January 2022 (TBA).

Distinguished Lecture: Theory as Ethics by Carole McGranahan

To theorize is to make an argument, to make sense of the world, to name and create. It is to stake a claim in and about the world. This can be an ethical act. As we reassess theory in and for each political moment, how and when do ethics enter the conversation? What are our responsibilities to speak not only truth to power, but also ethics to theory?
Discussants: Naveeda Khan, Christopher Loperena, and Shanti Parikh

The Lecture was delivered simultaneously In Person at the AAA meetings in Baltimore, November 18, 2021 at 8:30 PM EST AND as a livestream Zoom Webinar at the same time. Youtube link will be uploaded soon.