San Francisco, CA

AES at AAA 2012

AES Invited Sessions for 2012

“Direct Democracy and the Global Uprisings of 2011,” cosponsored by APLA and organized by Maple J. Razsa (Colby C) and Jeffrey S. Juris (Northeastern U)
“Imagining the Corporate Person,” cosponsored by APLA and organized by Peter Benson (Washington U) and Stuart Kirsch (U Michigan)
“Activisms,” cosponsored by NASA and organized by Omotayo T. Jolaosho (Rutgers U)
“Andean Frontiers, Temporal Borders, Anthropological Peripheries: Thinking in the Margins with Frank Salomon,” a roundtable cosponsored by SLACA and organized by Mark Goodale (George Mason U) and Eduardo Kohn (McGill U)
“Getting Around: Mobility as a Framework for Understanding Power,” cosponsored by SUNTA and organized by Nicole W. Fabricant (Towson U) and Kristin Monroe (U Kentucky)
“Politics and the Eventedness of Nature,” cosponsored by APLA and organized by Naveeda Khan (Johns Hopkins U) and Deborah Poole (Johns Hopkins U).

Other events:

AES Business Meeting, Saturday, 17 November 2012, 6:15-8:15 PM. Includes awarding of the Senior Book Prize to Richard Price (winner) and Dorothy Hodgson (honorable mention).

A special lunchtime event on Thursday, 15 November 2012, 12:15-1:30PM, ReWriting Ethnograpy: Stephens Prize Winners Reflect. The 2009 and 2011 Stephens Prize winners (Patty Kelly, Winifred Tate, Julie Chu, Daromir Rudnyckyj, Alexander Edmond) reflect on the process of researching, writing and publishing contemporary ethnography. Lunch free of charge; no advance registration required.

AES’s Graduate Student Representative, Jessica Hardin (Brandeis U), organized workshops for AES graduate-student members. The registration deadline was October 1, 2012, but watch for similar events at future meetings and direct questions to Jessica at . The workshops are:

“Unbinding and Rebinding Theories in STS, Social Analysis, and Anthropology,” facilitated by Stefan Helmreich (MIT) and Sherine Hamdy (Brown U)
Workshop Publishing in Anthropology to be led by Angelique Haugerud (AE editor), Catherine Bestemen (AE editorial board member), Eric Gable (AE book review editor), and Parker Shipton (AE editorial board member).
“Linguistic Anthropology in Ethnography,” cosponsored by SLA and facilitated by Paul Kroskrity (UCLA), Janet McIntosh (Brandeis U), and Laura Ahearn (Rutgers U).