Ferguson Supplement: Educator Resources

Educators have turned to social media to find ways to confront the events in Ferguson, especially to create dynamic syllabi that can respond quickly to events on the ground. Whether considering an entire course, a school-wide teach-in, or just one class, the way educators choose to frame their response to #Ferguson will have important effects on the way we remember and the way we mobilize. - Bibliographic Resources about Ferguson

Ferguson Syllabus, originally developed by Marcia Chatelain as a way for educators to share ideas on how to talk about Ferguson in their classrooms: View the story "#FergusonSyllabus" on Storify

Prepared by @yarimarbonilla and Max Hantel#Ferguson: Digital protest, hashtag ethnography, and the racial politics of social media in the United States, by Yarimar Bonilla and Jonathan Rosa. American Ethnologist, volume 42, number 1, pp. 4-17.