Weak passports and bad behavior
Chinese migrants and the moral politics of petty corruption in Tanzania

“Father released me”
Accelerating care, temporal repair, and ritualized friendship among Pentecostal women in Samoa

Experts beyond discourse: Women, Islamic authority, and the performance of professionalism in Malaysia
Open access

Impossible occultists
Practice and participation in an Islamic tradition

Refusing cesarean sections to protect fertile futures
Somali refugees, motherhood, and precarious migration

Separating noise from signal
The ethnomethodological uncanny as aesthetic pleasure in human‐machine interaction in the United States

Conflictual collaboration
Citizen science and the governance of radioactive contamination after the Fukushima nuclear disaster

Book Reviews

Caravan of Martyrs
Sacrifice and Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan
by Edwards and David B. • reviewed by ANNE ALLISON

Modern Afghanistan
The Impact of 40 Years of War
by Shahrani M. Nazif and ed. • reviewed by NAYSAN ADLPARVAR

Global Inequality
by Kenneth McGill • reviewed by RICHARD HANDLER

Ark Encounter
The Making of a Creationist Theme Park
by James S. Bielo • reviewed by SHARI JACOBSON

Addicted to Christ
Remaking Men in Puerto Rican Pentecostal Drug Ministries
by Helena Hansen • reviewed by ANJANA MEBANE‐CRUZ

Dreams Made Small
The Education of Papuan Highlanders in Indonesia
by Jenny Munro • reviewed by JACQUETTA HILL

Gender, Justice, and the Problem of Culture
From Customary Law to Human Rights in Tanzania
by Dorothy L. Hodgson • reviewed by PAULINE E. PETERS

Arab Family Studies
Critical Reviews
by Suad Joseph and ed. • reviewed by ROSE WELLMAN

Women’s Place in the Andes
Engaging Decolonial Feminist Anthropology
by Florence E. Babb • reviewed by KATHLEEN S. FINE‐DARE

A World of Babies
Imagined Childcare Guides for Eight Societies, 2nd ed.
by Alma Gottlieb and Judy S. DeLoache and eds. • reviewed by TAYLOR A. LIVINGSTON

Being a Sperm Donor
Masculinity, Sexuality, and Biosociality in Denmark
by Sebastian Mohr • reviewed by ANDREA FORD

Garbage Citizenship
Vital Infrastructures of Labor in Dakar, Senegal
by Rosalind Fredericks • reviewed by DAGNA RAMS

Reclaiming the Discarded
Life and Labor on Rio’s Garbage Dump
by Kathleen M. Millar • reviewed by GUSTAVO S. AZENHA

Two Lenins
A Brief Anthropology of Time
by Nikolai Ssorin‐Chaikov • reviewed by MARJORIE MANDELSTAM BALZER

Toward a Critical Hermeneutics of Worldbuilding
by Jarrett Zigon • reviewed by JOSHUA BURRAWAY

The Mana of Mass Society
by William Mazzarella • reviewed by WALTER E. LITTLE

The Justice Facade
Trials of Transition in Cambodia
by Alexander Hinton • reviewed by JAYMELEE J. KIM

The Nature of Whiteness
Race, Animals, and Nation in Zimbabwe
by Yuka Suzuki • reviewed by EDMUND T. HAMANN

Coastal Sierra Leone
Materiality and the Unseen in Maritime West Africa
by Jennifer Diggins • reviewed by DANIEL JORDAN SMITH

Making News in Global India
Media, Publics, Politics
by Sahana Udupa • reviewed by KIMBERLY WALTERS

Back to the Postindustrial Future
An Ethnography of Germany’s Fastest‐Shrinking City
by Felix Ringel • reviewed by ANDREW BRANDEL

Landscapes of Power
Politics of Energy in the Navajo Nation
by Dana E. Powell • reviewed by SEAN P. BRUNA

Monacan Millennium
A Collaborative Archaeology and History of a Virginia Indian People
by Jeffrey L. Hantman • reviewed by MARGARET WILLIAMSON HUBER

Volume 46 | Issue 2 | May 2019