Intimate ethnography and the anthropological imagination
Dialectical aspects of the personal and political in My Father’s Wars
Open access article

Governing alongside
Lateral state spatiality and unmet expectations amid mining negotiations in Casamance, Senegal

To sing with another’s voice
Animation, circumspection, and the negotiation of Indigeneity in northern Australian new media

Stock morality
Whalers, activists, and the power of the state in the Makah whaling conflict

Squatters make history in New York
Property, history, and collective claims on the city

Data centers as infrastructural in‐betweens
Expanding connections and enduring marginalities in Iceland

An awkward technocracy
Mosques, churches, and urban planners in neoliberal Sweden

Book Reviews

The Anti-Black City
Police Terror and Black Urban Life in Brazil
by Jaime Amparo Alves • reviewed by JENNIFER ROTH‐GORDON

My Life as a Spy
Investigations in a Secret Police File
by Katherine Verdery • reviewed by IRINA CULIC

The Art of Life and Death
Radical Aesthetics and Ethnographic Practice
by Andrew Irving • reviewed by YVON VAN DER PIJL

Tales of Dongles, Checks, and Other Money Stuff
by Bill Maurer, Lana Swartz, and eds • reviewed by DAIVI RODIMA‐TAYLOR

Money in a Human Economy
by Keith Hart and ed. • reviewed by PATRICK NEVELING

Europe Un‐imagined
Nation and Culture at a French‐German Television Channel
by Damien Stankiewicz • reviewed by BERNADETTE BUCHER

Everyday Life in Global Morocco
by Rachel Newcomb • reviewed by CHARIS BOUTIERI

Inheritance of Loss
China, Japan, and the Political Economy of Redemption after Empire
by Yukiko Koga • reviewed by ELLEN R. JUDD

Life in Oil
Cofán Survival in the Petroleum Fields of Amazonia
by Michael L. Cepek • reviewed by SHANE GREENE

The Imbalance of Power
Leadership, Masculinity and Wealth in the Amazon
by Marc Brightman • reviewed by CHRIS VON RUEDEN

Living without the Dead
Loss and Redemption in a Jungle Cosmos
by Piers Vitebsky • reviewed by WILLIAM ELISON

Animal Intimacies
Interspecies Relatedness in India’s Central Himalayas
by Radhika Govindrajan • reviewed by DANIEL MURPHY

Citizenship, Inequality, and Difference
Historical Perspectives
by Frederick Cooper • reviewed by RAQUEL RODRIGUES MACHAQUEIRO

Reconnecting State and Kinship
by Tatjana Thelen, Erdmute Alber, and eds. • reviewed by PHAEDRA DOUZINA‐BAKALAKI

Power Struggles
Dignity, Value, and the Renewable Energy Frontier in Spain
by Jaume Franquesa • reviewed by SUSAN MAZUR‐STOMMEN

Encoding Race, Encoding Class
Indian IT Workers in Berlin
by Sareeta Amrute • reviewed by GÖTZ HOEPPE

Everyday Conversions
Islam, Domestic Work, and South Asian Migrant Women in Kuwait
by Attiya Ahmad • reviewed by USHA SANYAL

Adventures in Blogging
Public Anthropology and Popular Media
by Paul Stoller • reviewed by RICHARD HANDLER

The Anthropology of Sport
Bodies, Borders, Biopolitics
by Niko Besnier, Susan Brownell, and and Thomas F. Carter • reviewed by ÅSE OTTOSSON

White Kids
Language, Race, and Styles of Youth Identity
by Mary Bucholtz • reviewed by JENNIFER B. DELFINO

Volume 46 | Issue 1 | February 2019