Brexit, Trump, and Anthropology: Forum

The 2016 Brexit referendum and Trump election
by Jeanette Edwards, Angelique Haugerud, and Shanti Parikh

Deprovincializing Trump, decolonizing diversity, and unsettling anthropology
by Jonathan Rosa and Yarimar Bonilla

From Brexit to Trump
Anthropology and the rise of nationalist populism
by Hugh Gusterson

Brexit Britain
Why we are all postindustrial now
by Gillian Evans

Made in Britain
Brexit, teacups, and the materiality of the nation
by Ana Carolina Balthazar

What’s in a vote?
Brexit beyond culture wars
by Insa Koch

Trump’s election and the “white working class”
What we missed
by Christine J. Walley

Anxiety and cosmopolitan futures
Brexit and Scotland
by Daniel M. Knight

An anthropology of lying
Trump and the political sociality of moral outrage
by Carole McGranahan


Parody after identity
Digital music and the politics of uncertainty in West Africa
by Jesse Weaver Shipley

Governing three-wheeled motorcycle taxis in urban Ethiopia
States, markets, and moral discourses of infrastructure
by Daniel Mains and Eshetayehu Kinfu

Outside Timbuktu’s divine cover
The negotiation of privacy among displaced Timbuktians
by Andrew Hernann

Torn dollars and war-wounded francs
Money fetishism in the Democratic Republic of Congo
by Joshua Z. Walker

Modal reasoning in Dar es Salaam’s power network
by Michael Degani

Walking like a Christian
Roads, translation, and gendered bodies as religious infrastructure in Papua New Guinea
by Courtney Handman

Can the subaltern listen?
Self-determination and the provisioning of expertise in Papua New Guinea
by James Slotta

Plant matters
Buddhist medicine and economies of attention in postsocialist Siberia
by Tatiana Chudakova

Book Reviews

From Notes to Narrative
Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read
by Kristen Ghodsee • reviewed by Kathryn A. Kozaitis

Evil in Africa
Encounters with the Everyday
by William C. Olsen and Walter E. A. van Beek and eds. • reviewed by Casey Golomski

Who Counts?
The Mathematics of Death and Life after Genocide
by Diane M. Nelson • reviewed by Douglas V. Porpora

Rhythms of the Pachakuti
Indigenous Uprising and State Power in Bolivia
by Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar • reviewed by Hans Buechler

Thunder Shaman
Making History with Mapuche Spirits in Chile and Patagonia
by Ana Mariella Bacigalupo • reviewed by Kathleen Bolling Lowrey

Divination’s Grasp
African Encounters with the Almost Said
by Richard Werbner • reviewed by Sindre Bangstad

The Politics of Suffering
Syria’s Palestinian Refugee Camps
by Nell Gabiam • reviewed by Nina Gren

The Politics of Distinction
African Elites from Colonialism to Liberation in a Namibian Frontier Town
by Mattia Fumanti • reviewed by Susannah Chapman

BITS of Belonging
Information Technology, Water, and Neoliberal Governance in India
by Simanti Dasgupta • reviewed by Jane W. Gibson

Speculative Markets
Drug Circuits and Derivative Life in Nigeria
by Kristin Peterson • reviewed by Carolyn M. Rouse

Conjuring Property
Speculation and Environmental Futures in the Brazilian Amazon
by Jeremy M. Campbell • reviewed by Jeffrey Hoelle

Of Sand or Soil
Genealogy and Tribal Belonging in Saudi Arabia
by Nadav Samin • reviewed by Marieke Brandt

Bukharan Jews and the Dynamics of Global Judaism
by Alanna E. Cooper • reviewed by Natasha Zaretsky

Critical Christianity
Translation and Denominational Conflict in Papua New Guinea
by Courtney Handman • reviewed by Fraser Macdonald

The Art of Making Do in Naples
by Jason Pine • reviewed by Marcel Danesi

The Slow Boil
Street Food, Rights, and Public Space in Mumbai
by Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria • reviewed by Camille Frazier

The Voice and Its Doubles
Media and Music in Northern Australia
by Daniel Fisher • reviewed by Melinda Hinkson

Last Project Standing
Civics and Sympathy in Post-welfare Chicago
by Catherine Fennell • reviewed by Susan Brin Hyatt

Physics of Blackness
Beyond the Middle Passage Epistemology
by Michelle M. Wright • reviewed by Jean Muteba Rahier

Race on the Move
Brazilian Migrants and the Global Reconstruction of Race
by Tiffany D. Joseph • reviewed by Christen A. Smith

Race Becomes Tomorrow
North Carolina and the Shadow of Civil Rights
by Gerald M. Sider • reviewed by Yolanda T. Moses

Making Refuge
Somali Bantu Refugees and Lewiston, Maine
by Catherine Besteman • reviewed by Jennifer Erickson

Where the River Ends
Contested Indigeneity in the Mexican Colorado Delta
by Shaylih Muehlmann • reviewed by Randall H. McGuire

Skin for Skin
Death and Life for Inuit and Innu
by Gerald M. Sider • reviewed by Barnett Richling

Dwelling in Conflict
Negev Landscapes and the Boundaries of Belonging
by Emily McKee • reviewed by Barbara J. Michael

Becoming Legal
Immigration Law and Mixed-Status Families
by Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz • reviewed by Judith Freidenberg

Fat-Talk Nation
The Human Costs of America’s War on Fat
by Susan Greenhalgh • reviewed by NIcole Taylor

Occupational Hazards
Sex, Business, and HIV in Post-Mao China
by Elanah Uretsky • reviewed by Zhiying Ma

Memorializing Pearl Harbor
Unfinished Histories and the Work of Remembrance
by Geoffrey M. White • reviewed by Glenn Petersen

A Jewish Guide in the Holy Land
How Christian Pilgrims Made Me Israeli
by Jackie Feldman • reviewed by Shalom Staub

Beyond the Words
by Unni Wikan • reviewed by Don Seeman

Volume 44 | Issue 2 | May 2017