Good ramps, bad ramps
Centralized design standards and disability access in urban Russian infrastructure
by Cassandra Hartblay

Self-governance, psychotherapy, and the subject of managed care
Internal Family Systems therapy and the multiple self in a US eating-disorders treatment center
by Rebecca J. Lester

Psicoeducación in the land of magical thoughts
Culture and mental-health practice in a changing Oaxaca
by Whitney L. Duncan

Competing ethical regimes in a diverse society
Israeli military refusers
by Erica Weiss

Routine and rupture
The everyday workings of abyssal (dis)order in the Palestinian food basket
by Irene Calis

Ambivalences of mobility
Rival state authorities and mobile strategies in a Saharan conflict
by Alice Wilson

Marginality as a politics of limited entitlements
Street life and the dilemma of inclusion in urban Ethiopia
by Marco di Nunzio

The right to know
Suffering, human rights, and perplexities of politics in Lebanon
by Shea McManus

The impunity effect
Majoritarian rule, everyday legality, and state formation in India
by Moyukh Chatterjee

Resonant worlds
Cultivating proximal encounters in planetary science
by Lisa Messeri

Book Reviews

In Football We Trust
A video directed by Tony Vainuku and Erika Cohn. IFWT Productions, Idle Wild Films, and the Independent Television Service in association with Pacific Islanders in Communications, 2015. 87 min.
by Tony Vainuku and Erika Cohn • reviewed by David Lipset

Reel World
An Anthropology of Creation
by Anand Pandian • reviewed by Sara Dickey

Heritage and Identity in Europe Today
by Sharon Macdonald • reviewed by Jackie Feldman

Tourism Imaginaries
Anthropological Approaches
by Noel B. Salazar and Nelson H. H. Graburn and eds. • reviewed by Shiho Satsuka

Rainforest Cowboys
The Rise of Ranching and Cattle Culture in Western Amazonia
by Jeffrey Hoelle • reviewed by Jack Stauder

The Blue and the Green
A Cultural Ecological History of an Arizona Ranching Community
by Jack Stauder • reviewed by Jodie Asselin

At Home in the Okavango
White Batswana Narratives of Emplacement and Belonging
by Catie Gressier • reviewed by Emily Margaretten

Refugees of the Revolution
Experiences of Palestinian Exile
by Diana Allan • reviewed by Kristin V. Monroe

Two Arabs, a Berber, and a Jew
Entangled Lives in Morocco
by Lawrence Rosen • reviewed by Oren Kosansky

Return to Casablanca
Jews, Muslims, and an Israeli Anthropologist
by André Levy • reviewed by K. Gibel Mevorach

At Home with the Diplomats
Inside a European Foreign Ministry
by Iver B. Neumann • reviewed by Cecelia Lynch

The Need to Help
The Domestic Arts of International Humanitarianism
by Liisa H. Malkki • reviewed by Erica Caple James

Losing Afghanistan
An Obituary for the Intervention
by Noah Coburn • reviewed by Anila Daulatzai

US Military Bases and Anti-military Organizing
An Ethnography of an Air Force Base in Ecuador
by Erin Fitz-Henry • reviewed by Maximilian Viatori

Social Science Goes to War
The Human Terrain System in Iraq and Afghanistan
by Montgomery McFate and Janice H. Laurence and eds. • reviewed by Amy Swiffen

Shamanism, Discourse, Modernity
by Thomas Karl Alberts • reviewed by Rune Flikke

The Saint in the Banyan Tree
Christianity and Caste Society in India
by David Mosse • reviewed by Maxine Weisgrau

Voicing Subjects
Public Intimacy and Mediation in Kathmandu
by Laura Kunreuther • reviewed by Francis Cody

Yearnings in the Meantime
“Normal Lives” and the State in a Sarajevo Apartment Complex
by Stef Jansen • reviewed by Andrew C. Gilbert

Savage Frontier
Making News and Security on the Argentine Border
by Ieva Jusionyte • reviewed by Howard Campbell

Landscapes beyond Land
Routes, Aesthetics, Narratives
by Arnar Árnason, Nicolas Ellison, Jo Vergunst, and Andrew Whitehouse, and eds. • reviewed by Julia A. King

by Kelly Ray Knight • reviewed by Dána-Ain Davis

Constructing Transnational and Transracial Identity
Adoption and Belonging in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark
by Sigalit Ben-Zion • reviewed by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Non-sovereign Futures
French Caribbean Politics in the Wake of Disenchantment
by Yarimar Bonilla • reviewed by Robert Goddard

Tourism and Informal Encounters in Cuba
by Valerio Simoni • reviewed by Lauren M. Griffith

Anthropology at the Crossroads
The View from France
by Sophie Chevalier and ed. • reviewed by Abdellah Hammoudi

Pious Practice and Secular Constraints
Women in the Islamic Revival in Europe
by Jeanette S. Jouili • reviewed by Alisa Perkins

Gypsy Economy
Romani Livelihoods and Notions of Worth in the 21st Century
by Micol Brazzabeni, Manuela Ivone Cunha, and Martin Fotta, and eds. • reviewed by Carol Silverman

Social Collateral
Women and Microfinance in Paraguay’s Smuggling Economy
by Caroline E. Schuster • reviewed by Paola Canova

Enduring Uncertainty
Deportation, Punishment and Everyday Life
by Ines Hasselberg • reviewed by Susan Bibler Coutin

Moral Laboratories
Family Peril and the Struggle for a Good Life
by Cheryl Mattingly • reviewed by Neely Anne Laurenzo Myers

Made in Madagascar
Sapphires, Ecotourism, and the Global Bazaar
by Andrew Walsh • reviewed by James H. Smith

Studies in Social and Political Change in Myanmar
by Renaud Egreteau and François Robinne eds. • reviewed by Yoko Hayami

The Government Next Door
Neighborhood Politics in Urban China
by Luigi Tomba • reviewed by John Osburg

At the Heart of the State
The Moral World of Institutions
by Dider Fassin ed. and Patrick Brown and Didier Fassin trans. • reviewed by Stephen Metraux

Volume 44 | Issue 1 | February 2017