The cross-publics of ethnography
The case of “the Muslimwoman”
by Lila Abu-Lughod

A civilized revolution
Aesthetics and political action in Egypt
by Jessica Winegar

There might be blood
Oil, humility, and the cosmopolitics of a Cofán petro-being
by Michael L. Cepek

The ends of cutting in Ghana
Blood loss, scarcity, and slow harm after NGOs
by Saida Hodžić

Inalienable performances, mutable heirlooms
Dance, cultural inheritance, and political transformation in the Republic of Guinea
by Adrienne J. Cohen

Between the ethical and the right thing
How (not) to be corrupt in Indonesian bureaucracy in an age of good governance
by Sylvia Tidey

Market’s end
Fair-trade social premiums as development in Dominica
by Mark Moberg

Documenting subjects
Performativity and audit culture in food production in northern Italy
by Jillian R. Cavanaugh

Producing iyashi
Healing and labor in Tokyo’s sex industry
by Gabrielle Koch

From humanitarianism to humanitarianization
Intimacy, estrangement, and international aid in postwar Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Andrew C. Gilbert

Expert evidence on trial
Social researchers in the international criminal courtroom
by Richard Ashby Wilson

Ethnography at its edges
Forces in the wind
by Lenore Manderson

Bringing in contemporary art
by Liam M. Buckley

Book Reviews

No Billionaire Left Behind
Satirical Activism in America
by Angelique Haugerud • reviewed by Alex Flynn

World Heritage on the Ground
Ethnographic Perspectives
by Christoph Brumann and David Berliner and eds. • reviewed by Helaine Silverman

Thank You for Dying for Our Country
Commemorative Texts and Performances in Jerusalem
by Chaim Noy • reviewed by Mindy J. Morgan

Palestinian Commemoration in Israel
Calendars, Monuments, and Martyrs
by Tamir Sorek • reviewed by Diana Allan

Nature, Culture, and Society
Anthropological Perspectives on Life
by Gisli Palsson • reviewed by Tapoja Chaudhuri

Climate Cultures
Anthropological Perspectives on Climate Change
by Jessica Barnes and Michael R. Dove and eds. • reviewed by Naveeda Khan

Gambling Debt
Iceland’s Rise and Fall in the Global Economy
by E. Paul Durrenberger and Gisli Palsson and eds. • reviewed by Ursula M. Dalinghaus

Banking on Words
The Failure of Language in the Age of Derivative Finance
by Arjun Appadurai • reviewed by Christopher Michael Fraga

Arbitraging Japan
Dreams of Capitalism at the End of Finance
by Hirokazu Miyazaki • reviewed by Nancy Rosenberger

The Meaning of Money in China and the United States
The 1986 Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures
by Emily Martin • reviewed by Xianghong Feng

Religious Difference in a Secular Age
A Minority Report
by Saba Mahmood • reviewed by Virginia R. Dominguez

Global Pentecostalism in the 21st Century
by Robert W. Hefner and ed. • reviewed by Thorgeir Kolshus

Pipe Politics, Contested Waters
Embedded Infrastructures of Millennial Mumbai
by Lisa Björkman • reviewed by Rashmi Sadana

Owners of the Sidewalk
Security and Survival in the Informal City
by Daniel M. Goldstein • reviewed by Arthur D. Murphy

A Century of Violence in a Red City
Popular Struggle, Counterinsurgency, and Human Rights in Colombia
by Lesley Gill • reviewed by Daniel M. Goldstein

The Insecure City
Space, Power, and Mobility in Beirut
by Kristin V. Monroe • reviewed by Joanne Randa Nucho

Global Prayers
Contemporary Manifestations of the Religious in the City
by Jochen Becher, Katrin Klingan, Stephan Lanz, and Kathrin Wildner, and eds. • reviewed by Gary W. McDonogh

That Old Bilbao Moon
The Passion and Resurrection of a City
by Joseba Zulaika • reviewed by Jennifer Sime

Aging and Loss
Mourning and Maturity in Contemporary Japan
by Jason Danely • reviewed by Amy Borovoy

Class Work
Vocational Schools and China’s Urban Youth
by T. E. Woronov • reviewed by Vanessa L. Fong

Tourist Attractions
Performing Race and Masculinity in Brazil’s Sexual Economy
by Gregory Mitchell • reviewed by Charles H. Klein

Insufficient Funds
The Culture of Money in Low-Wage Transnational Families
by Hung Cam Thai • reviewed by Faith G. Nibbs

Kabul Carnival
Gender Politics in Postwar Afghanistan
by Julie Billaud • reviewed by Arsalan Khan

Savage Preservation
The Ethnographic Origins of Modern Media Technology
by Brian Hochman • reviewed by Medeia Csoba DeHass

Islam Is a Foreign Country
American Muslims and the Global Crisis of Authority
by Zareena Grewa • reviewed by JoAnn D’Alisera

Corridor Talk to Culture History
Public Anthropology and Its Consequences
by Regna Darnell and Frederic W. Gleach and eds. • reviewed by Daniel J. Gelo

Living the Hiplife
Celebrity and Entrepreneurship in Ghanaian Popular Music
by Jesse Weaver Shipley • reviewed by Girish Daswani

Earth Beings
Ecologies of Practice across Andean Worlds
by Marisol de la Cadena • reviewed by Anita Carrasco

Ayya’s Accounts
A Ledger of Hope in Modern India
by Anand Pandian and M. P. Mariappan • reviewed by Parin Dossa

Yaya’s Story
The Quest for Well-Being in the World
by Paul Stoller • reviewed by James Ellison

Volume 43 | Issue 3 | August 2016