From the Editor

Transitions, numbers, features
by Angelique Haugerud


State, corruption, postcoloniality
A conversation with Akhil Gupta on the 20th anniversary of “Blurred Boundaries”
by Akhil Gupta, David Nugent, and Shreyas Sreenath

The public afterlife of ethnography
by Didier Fassin

Valuing Black lives
Pentecostalism, charismatic gifts, and human economies in a U.S. inner city
by Frederick Klaits and Shenita A. McLean

Transmedia as experimental ethnography
The Exit Zero Project, deindustrialization, and the politics of nostalgia
by Christine J. Walley

Mass hysteria in Le Roy, New York
How brain experts materialized truth and outscienced environmental inquiry
by Donna M. Goldstein and Kira Hall

Cocaine’s minor destinies
Ephemerality and legal threat on the margins of the Peruvian state
by Richard Kernaghan

Speaking of news
Press, democracy, and metapragmatics in a changing India
by Mark Allen Peterson

Democracy as the negation of discourse
Liberalism, clientelism, and agency in Brazil
by Aaron Ansell

How (not) to talk about adoption
On communicative vigilance in Spain
by Susan E. Frekko, Jessaca B. Leinaweaver, and Diana Marre

Andalusi musical origins at the Moroccan-Algerian frontier
Beyond charter myth
by Jonathan Glasser

Coffee and the moral order
Ethiopian Jews and Pentecostals against culture
by Don Seeman

Indigenous blood and ethical regimes in the United States and Australia since the 1960s
by Joanna Radin and Emma Kowal

Freeze, die, come to life
The many paths to immortality in post-Soviet Russia
by Anya Bernstein

Book Reviews

Driving After Class
Anxious Times in an American Suburb
by Rachel Heiman • reviewed by Richard Handler

Mohawk Interruptus
Political Life Across the Borders of Settler States
by Audra Simpson • reviewed by Lisa K. Neuman

Anders Breivik and the Rise of Islamophobia
by Sindre Bangstad • reviewed by Alisa Perkins

Queer Beirut
by Sofian Merabet • reviewed by Ahmed Afzal

Democracy against Development
Lower-Caste Politics and Political Modernity in Postcolonial India
by Jeffrey Witsoe • reviewed by Anastasia Piliavsky

The Hakkas of Sarawak
Sacrificial Gifts in Cold War Era Malaysia
by Kee Howe Yong • reviewed by Andrew Conroe

Variations on Uzbek Identity
Strategic Choices, Cognitive Schemas and Political Constraints in Identification Processes
by Peter Finke • reviewed by Marianne Kamp

The Good Life
Aspiration, Dignity, and the Anthropology of Wellbeing
by Edward F. Fischer • reviewed by Asta Vonderau

Kids on YouTube
Technical Identities and Digital Literacies
by Patricia Lange • reviewed by Brent Luvaas

Border Work
Spatial Lives of the State in Rural Central Asia
by Madeleine Reeves • reviewed by Morgan Y. Liu

Cairo Pop
Youth Music in Contemporary Egypt
by Daniel J. Gilman • reviewed by John P.R. Schaefer

Problems of Conception
Issues of Law, Biotechnology, Individuals and Kinship
by Marit Melhuus • reviewed by Robin Oakley

Nation as Network
Diaspora, Cyberspace, and Citizenship
by Victoria Bernal • reviewed by Jean Muteba Rahier

Being German, Becoming Muslim
Race, Religion, and Conversion in the New Europe
by Esra Özyürek • reviewed by Alisa Perkins

Religion and the Question of Materiality
by Dick Houtman, Birgit Meyer, and eds • reviewed by Thomas J. Csordas

Volume 42 | Issue 4 | November 2015