Pheasant capitalism
Auditing South Dakota’s state bird
by Frederick Errington and Deborah Gewertz

Violence, legitimacy, and prophecy
Nuer struggles with uncertainty in South Sudan
by Sharon E. Hutchinson and Naomi R. Pendle

Ritual sounds, political echoes
Vocal agency and the sensory cultures of secularism in the Dutch Syriac diaspora
by Sarah Bakker Kellogg

Biomedicine, the whiteness of sleep, and the wages of spatiotemporal normativity in the United States
by Matthew Wolf-Meyer

The doctor’s political body
Doctor–patient interactions and sociopolitical belonging in Venezuelan state clinics
by Amy Cooper

Securing social difference
Militarization and sexual violence in an Afro-Nicaraguan community
by Jennifer Goett

The becoming of ancestral land
Place and property in Mapuche land claims
by Piergiorgio Di Giminiani

“The goat that died for family”
Animal sacrifice and interspecies kinship in India’s Central Himalayas
by Radhika Govindrajan

Spectacular infrastructure and its breakdown in socialist Vietnam
by Christina Schwenkel

Book Reviews

Red Tape
Bureaucracy, Structural Violence, and Poverty in India
by Akhil Gupta • reviewed by Ilana Feldman

Becoming Bureaucrats
Socialization at the Front Lines of Government Service
by Zachary W. Oberfield • reviewed by Michael Herzfeld

by Janet Roitman • reviewed by Daromir Rudnyckyj

Cinema and the Open Edge of Mass Publicity
by William Mazzarella • reviewed by Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria

Not Hollywood
Independent Film at the Twilight of the American Dream
by Sherry B. Ortner • reviewed by Naomi Shiller

The Soul of Anime
Collaborative Creativity and Japan’s Media Success Story
by Ian Condry • reviewed by Elise Edwards

Sounds of the Citizens
Dancehall and Community in Jamaica
by Anne Galvin • reviewed by Simone Delerme

Young Men, Time, and Boredom in the Republic of Georgia
by Martin Demant Frederiksen • reviewed by Erik Aasland

Mining Capitalism
The Relationship between Corporations and Their Critics
by Stuart Kirsch • reviewed by Alex Golub

Leviathans at the Gold Mine
Creating Indigenous and Corporate Actors in Papua New Guinea
by Alex Golub • reviewed by Paul Sillitoe

The Brotherhood of Freemason Sisters
Gender, Secrecy, and Fraternity in Italian Masonic Lodges
by Lilith Mahmud • reviewed by Douglas R. Holmes

After Love
Queer Intimacy and Erotic Economies in Post-Soviet Cuba
by Noelle Stout • reviewed by JoAnn Martin

Whiteness Fractured
by Cynthia Levine-Rasky • reviewed by Laurie McIntosh

Maithil Women’s Tales
Storytelling on the Nepal–India Border
by Coralynn V. Davis • reviewed by Harald B. Broch

Born Out of Place
Migrant Mothers and the Politics of International Labor
by Nicole Constable • reviewed by Pardis Mahdavi

Rhinestones, Religion, and the Republic
Fashioning Jewishness in France
by Kimberly A. Arkin • reviewed by Andrea L. Smith

The Social Life of Water
by John R. Wagner • reviewed by Emily McKee

Capturing Contemporary Japan
Differentiation and Uncertainty
by Satsuki Kawano, Glenda Roberts, Susan Orpett Long, and eds • reviewed by Shawn Bender

Anthropological Practice
Fieldwork and the Ethnographic Method
by Judith Okely • reviewed by Judith Singleton

The Darjeeling Distinction
Labor and Justice on Fair-Trade Tea Plantations in India
by Sarah Besky • reviewed by Daniel Reichman

Days of Revolution
Political Unrest in an Iranian Village
by Mary Elaine Hegland • reviewed by Rose Wellman

Reproduction, Globalization, and the State
New Theoretical and Ethnographic Perspectives
by Carole H. Browner, Carolyn F. Sargent, and eds • reviewed by Christa Craven

How to Accept German Reparations
by Susan Slyomovics • reviewed by Gediminas Lankauskas

Performing Afro Cuba
Image, Voice, Spectacle in the Making of Race and History
by Kristina Wirtz • reviewed by Pilar Egüez Guevara

Preservation and National Belonging in Eastern Germany
Heritage Fetishism and Redeeming Germanness
by Jason James • reviewed by Patricia R. Heck

Design Anthropology
Theory and Practice
by Wendy Gunn, Ton Otto, Rachel Charlotte Smith, and eds • reviewed by Nancy Fried Foster

The Scope of Anthropology
Maurice Godelier’s Work in Context
by Laurent Dousset, Serge Tcherkézoff, and eds • reviewed by Frederick H. Damon

AIDS Doesn’t Show Its Face
Inequality, Morality, and Social Change in Nigeria
by Daniel Jordan Smith • reviewed by Kenneth Maes

Birth in the Age of AIDS
Women, Reproduction, and HIV/AIDS in India
by Cecilia Van Hollen • reviewed by Joseph S. Alter

Intellectuals and (Counter-) Politics
Essays in Historical Realism
by Gavin Smith • reviewed by Frederick Strange

Author note
by Michael Herzfeld • reviewed by

Volume 42 | Issue 3 | August 2015