The Sharon Stephens Book Prize is awarded biennially for a junior scholar’s first book. In recognition of Sharon Stephens’ commitment to scholarship of the highest intellectual caliber informed by deep care for the world, we are happy to announce Savannah Shange’s Progressive Utopia: Abolition, Antiblackness, and Schooling in San Francisco (Duke University Press 2019) and Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins’ Waste Siege: The Life of Infrastructure in Palestine (Stanford University Press 2019) as the joint winners of the 2021 book prize. Scott Stonington’s The Spirit Ambulance: Choreographing the End of Life in Thailand (University of California Press 2020) receives honorable mention. Prize Committee:
Naveeda Khan (chair), Elizabeth Ferry, Sameena Mulla and Hoon Song

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Joint Winners of the 2021 Sharon Stephens Book Prize