In honor of American Ethnologist’s 50th volume in 2023, the incoming editors would like to announce a new special running feature on the production of ethnographic knowledge.

We anticipate authors contributing to this special feature to reflect on the strengths and challenges of ethnographic practice and anthropological knowledge. This may include analysing the significance of ethnography for a particular constituency or global community, with a focus on global perspectives on ethnographic practices; tracing the impact of new disciplinary trends or methodologies; reflecting on the legacy of a particular anthropologist or school of thought; or examining the conditions under which ethnographic knowledge is commonly (or uncommonly) produced, including the ways that standard visions of ethnographic fieldwork may be raced, classed, ableist, and/or gendered.

Most contributions to The Production of Ethnographic Knowledge feature will be about 5,000-6,000 words. However, authors may also choose to submit more ethnographically-robust articles addressing these issues, of 9,000 words to a maximum of 11,000 words (including notes and references).

If you have questions about this feature or want to discuss an idea or angle with AE’s editors, please feel free to contact Susanna Trnka (incoming Editor-in-Chief), Jesse H. Grayman (incoming Associate Editor), and Lisa L. Wynn (incoming Associate Editor) at

You can find out more about AE’s current submission requirements and style guide at