With our annual meeting cancelled because of the pandemic, AAA has generated an online event, Raising Our Voices! (ROV) that aims to give anthropologists and our interlocutors a space to meet and exchange our concerns and thoughts in a very eventful year. They have worked quite hard to put together a schedule of events that may be found here.

There are two kinds of events, livestreams and view on demand. The livestream events will be available to stream between Thursday Nov. 5 to Saturday Nov. 14. They are one-hour long events, usually in the style of a roundtable or conversation, with the opportunity for a live Q/A. These will be recorded and available for watching from the ROV platform if you miss them. The view on demand are pre-recorded events, such as talks or poster sessions, and will be available from the ROV platform.

AES at AAA 2020 (Raising our Voices Meeting)

ES had the privilege to curate two events, titled “In Medias Res: US Elections and Politics” and “Liberating Blackness and Anthropology: Art, Protest and Co-Production.” We are also sponsoring two livestreams, “Disabled Voices in the Field: Towards Reimagining Anthropologists at Work,” and “On Writing Otherwise: Rethinking the Genre and Forms of Ethnography.” The three view on demand events sponsored by AES include, “Social Media for Social Change: Facebook Women’s Groups,” “Populism and the Pandemic in Tanzania’s 2020 Election,” and “Discovering Truth Podcast Series.” Jackie Solway, the AES President, is also participating in a livestream session with other section presidents titled “AAA Section Collaboration on Anti-Racism.” The days and timings are provided below for your convenience.

In addition, AES is planning its usual roster of workshops on Teaching Anthropology, Book Publishing and Writing an Article for the American Ethnologist. The workshops will be help in the weeks following ROV. A schedule is forthcoming.

AAA has worked hard to make the event accessible and affordable, with a drop in option, so please tune in, support the organization, your section and your colleagues and friends.


Events Channel Date Time
Liberating Blackness and Anthropology Channel 1 Nov. 5, Thursday 3.45-4.45
Disabled Voices in the Field Channel 1 Nov. 5, Thursday 5-6
AAA Section Collaboration on Anti-Racism Channel 1 Nov. 5, Thursday 6.15-7.15
On Writing Otherwise Channel 1 Nov. 6, Friday 2.30-3.30
In Medias Res: US Elections and Politics Channel 1 Nov. 7, Saturday 3.45-4.45

For more information, please contact AES councilor Naveeda Khan.