Gwich’in and Inuvialuit inhabitants of the Mackenzie Delta, in Canada’s Northwest Territories, have witnessed an eventful history in relation to colonialism and environmental transformation. Their current lives are characterized by mobility, mixing, and melting as they negotiate new and old livelihoods, continuity in traditions, and thawing landscapes. Approaching these lives in terms of volatility opens up an experience-near understanding of people’s relations with perpetual, uncertain transformations. Differently situated delta inhabitants have different ways of dealing with these uncertain dynamics, but all are characterized by an improvisation that carries forth reputable activities and attitudes by new mean Cancel s. Dispositions like curiosity, playfulness, and risk-taking must not be seen as lacking resolve to confront transformations, but should be appreciated as skills for inhabiting a volatile world. [volatility, improvisation, Gwich’in, Inuvialuit, Arctic]

Gwich’in ts’àt Ineekaii kat Canada gwizhìt Northwest Territories, Nagwichoo Njik gwa’àn gugwich’in ts’àt yi’eenoo nits’òo gugwiindài’ ejùk natr’igwiłtsaii aii geeghee ts’àt gwiinlit guunagoo’ee ejùk t’igwinjii gugwinah’ình. Jùk gweendoo nagahdidal, nihtat ejùk gugwahtsii ts’àt nan nagwaaghaii guuzhik ejùk gwinjik gugwindaii ts’àt yi’eenoo nits’òo tr’igwiindài’ gwinjik gugwindaii guuzhik guunan nagwaaghaih. Ejùk t’igwinjii gwizhìt tr’igwich’in kat nits’òo gugwindaii gwiinlit ejùk guuvah gweedhaa jii gwinyaa’in jì’ nits’òo gugwindaii gwiiyeendoo gahiidandaih. Ehdii tat gwa’àn nihłinehch’i’ t’angiinch’uu kat guunagoo’ee gwa’àn ejùk t’igwinjii k’iighè’ k’eejit gwinjik gugwiheendaii gugwahtsih. Geenjit gahvidandai’ giiniindhan, vàh tsiigidi’ii ts’àt gaoguunuu gwizhìt gwitr’it gugwahtsii k’iighè’ guunan ejùk t’igwinjii guuzhik tth’aih ezhik t’igiinch’uh. [khanh ejùk t’igwinjii, ejùk t’igwinjii gwizhìt nits’òo gugwiheendaii gahgidandaii, Gwich’in, Ineekaii, Arctic]

Itkililu, Inuvialuit, inuniaktut umaagimii atautchimi, Canadum nunanga. Tautuguakgikput kafini ukiunii, qanukhilimaat ukauhich nuna allungnuktuk. Inunia ahvikput allungnuk piluni, ingilagaatun inunaniaqugut, uvaptigun inunialakugut, nunakput auktualikuk. Kaiviluting kilamik inuniuhikput, hunaliimarak kilamik allanga nuktuaniakuk.