The American Ethnological Society (AES) announces a small grant competition for students who have completed at least one year but not more than two years of graduate study in anthropology or allied fields.

Call for proposals

Projects that involve ethnographic field research and/or documentary research are eligible for consideration and may commence as early as June 2019. Exploratory research that is part of a planned dissertation project is encouraged.

Send all application materials by 5:00pm EST on March 18, 2019. Winners will be announced by mid-May.

Please read the instructions and FAQs below before submitting an application or making inquiries about the application process or anything else about the AES small grants program.

Applicants must submit all documents except the letter of support in a single Word (not pdf) file, with page breaks after the end of each section and a filename as follows LASTNAME FIRST INITIAL AES GRANTS 2019. The email that accompanies the application file must:

(1) Specify the title of the project, which must be short and included in the body of the email;
(2) In addition, the email must have “APPLICANT’S LAST NAME + AES Grants Competition” in the subject line.

The application should be sent to

The application file from the applicant (named as indicated above) should include:

(1) A statement of no more than two numbered double-spaced 8.5”X11” pages in 12-point font, with one-inch margins. The first page should have a title that fits in one line. The statement must outline the significance of the project, the main research questions, the methods used to analyze the questions, and the potential impact of the project;
(2) A list of references cited or bibliography (may be single-spaced, but not more than one page);
(3) A curriculum vitae of no more than one page;
(4) A budget of up to $2,500, which must indicate if other funding has been obtained or is anticipated (one page maximum).

In addition to the above application, the applicant’s faculty advisor should send directly and separately a letter of not more than one page that endorses the project and that certifies that the applicant has completed at least one year and not more than two years of graduate study (or will have completed this prior to initiating the research). AES is not asking for a long letter of recommendation, simply an endorsement and documentation of the years of study the applicant has completed. The advisor’s letter should to be sent to It must have a subject line as follows: APPLICANT’S LAST NAME + FACULTY MEMBER’S LAST NAME + LETTER.

Grantees will be encouraged to write a brief, blog-style report on project findings for the AES website. An additional $500 will be available to grantees who present their work at the 2020 AES annual meeting. AES strongly encourages applications from graduate students from under-represented groups (African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and people with disabilities).