The Extraordinary Work and Thought of Roberto R. Alvarez: In honor of his contributions to the changing of the narrative concerning the U.S. Mexico Border Region and its people

Saturday, Nov. 17, 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM
San Jose Convention Center, Executive Ballroom 210 G
Cosponsored with the Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists

For more than 40 years Professor Robert R. Alvarez has made central contributions to the manner in which the U.S. Mexico transborder region is understood and conceptualized. His works initiated a new way of considering the movement of Mexican populations from south to north following in the steps of much earlier populations from the pre Hispanic periods to the present. His central foci embrace the economic, demographic, ecological and social systemics that gave rise to and development of transborder populations and set the stage for the development of transborder studies as a significant discipline. This session is to honor those achievements and to recognize his singular achievements.

Presenters: Maria Cruz-Torres, Arizona State University; Patricia Zavella, University of California, Santa Cruz; Juan Herrera and Leo Chavez, University of California, Irving; Anne Goldberg, Hendrix College; Everardo Garduno; Margaret Dorsey, Associate Professor and Founding Curator Border Studies Archive, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley; Antonio Chavarria