Featured Community Engagement Event

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful: Reclaiming and Restoring Urban Waterways

Saturday, Nov. 17, 8:00 AM-10:00 AM

Start off your Saturday morning by engaging in the immediate San Jose environment. Join a walking tour of Coyote Creek and learn about the local landscape, issues posed by climate change, and community organizing efforts. Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/kM94Dye1zuWvvT302

California is increasingly leading the United States in responding to climate change by championing policies, creative environmental initiatives, and interdisciplinary collectivist responses to environmental challenges. This event will partner with Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, a San Jose environmental organization that is mobilizing grassroots efforts to restore a vital urban waterway. Coyote Creek, which runs through the heart of San Jose, is a 64-mile long river and the largest watershed in Santa Clara County. Its health is vital to the sustainability of the region. Last February, in the worst flooding to hit Silicon Valley in a century, a raging Coyote Creek spurred the emergency evacuation of 14,000 San Jose residents. Community leaders will discuss the complexities of watershed restoration and its interconnection with social issues—for example, in San Jose, homeless encampments were a major local polluter to waterways and cleaning up the river involved engaging in a solution to homelessness.